Declining a Covid-19 Vaccine Risks Penalties in Some Countries

Some countries are sharpening their Covid-19 vaccination pitches to the public: Get a shot or face a potential penalty.

With vaccination campaigns ramping up globally and some supply shortages easing, governments are looking for ways to make sure that holdouts don’t undermine efforts to vaccinate enough people to achieve herd immunity.

The penalties range from fines and restricting access to public places to threatening the loss of priority access to vaccines.

Indonesia already has levied fines for refusing vaccination of around $356—or more than a month’s salary on average, according to the country’s per capita gross domestic product.

Israel, home to the world’s fastest Covid-19 vaccine rollout, drew a firm line between those who had and hadn’t received shots as it unveiled plans on Sunday to reopen society. Those with what are called green passports, which verify a vaccination, could enter gyms, hotels and eventually travel without quarantining. Holdouts, Israel’s health minister said, “will be left behind.”

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